La-Z-Boy Lever Extension

Lever extension My mother is quite short.  When we got her a new La-Z-Boy recliner, she couldn't reach the lever to operate it.  It swings through about 120 degrees of arc, and at the ends, it was just too far away (or her arms were too short).  I devised this ring attachment to extend her reach and give her better leverage.  The footrest is all the way down in the left picture, and halfway up in the picture below.  The ring is an octagon glued up out of 8 pieces of oak, then cut to a circle and the edges rounded over.  The ring attaches with a bolt through the original lever, and a screw through the ring and into the top of the original lever.  When the footrest is all the way up, the lever is horizontal, and the short side of the ring almost touches the floor. lever up