King Size Headboard

Headboard    -   End View

After purchasing a king size bed, my wife and I went on a fruitless search to buy a headboard to go with it.  We didn't find a style at any price that we liked, and the prices we found were sky high.  I subscribe to the theory that one should never pass up the opportunity to purchase a new tool.  I received a new table saw for Christmas that year and proceeded to build this headboard.  It is constructed of 3/4" oak veneer plywood with solid oak banding.  The bed sits in front of a window so the fence was added to prevent things from falling off the back.  I added electrical outlets on each leg and a touch plate controlled "puck" light on each side.  The deck of the headboard has a concealed hinged lid on each side.  I used barrel hinges to aid in the concealment.

Open Lid    -   Barrell Hinge

Puck Light    -   Railing